The state of engineering key facts 2017

Careers in Engineering

It is interesting to read the 2017 engineering key facts created by UK Engineering.

As an engineering company that has continued to grow into more diverse operations and procedures, the encouragement of careers in engineering for students is essential for this growth to continue.

Every year there is a new generation of teenagers having completed their GCSE's with the outlook of joining an apprenticeship, A Level students looking to do the latter, or continue to study at university and let's not forget mature students looking to start new careers or alternatively looking for a career change and we as industry leaders need to ensure these routes into engineering continue to grow at a faster rate.

Government support and career encouragement into the world of engineering is hugely supported by Mollart Cox Engineering and we encourage all other engineering industries to jump on board.

30% of our now mature employees started of as apprentices and we will continue to put time into new apprenticeships given the education and support away from the factory is of the high standard that we expect.

The UK maybe small, but no one can deny that it plays a major role in the worlds manufacturing industry and it is key that as established businesses, we support the apprenticeship schemes and the apprenticeship schemes support the industry by providing adequate training and funding.

Industry can't work without engineers and engineers can't work without industry, work together and the future will be a great one.