Gun Drilling

Mollart Cox is the only company in the UK to Gun drill holes from 1.8mm up to 40mm dia at lengths up to 6000mm.

Gun drilling machines – 6

Bore sizes available from 1.8mm – 40mm dia

Shortest length is 20mm up to 6000mm

1800 hours available per month

For larger bore sizes see our deep hole drilling page – Click here

Gun Drilling...what is it?

First introduced in Europe over two centuries ago, the process was born out of the need to generate the bore of gun barrels in a more efficient manner. Gun drilling allowed the tool to drill the full length of the barrel without retraction by injecting cutting oil through the hollow shank of the gun drill. Once the oil had lubricated the cutting edges of the tip it escaped along the vee-shaped flute of the shank, taking with it the chips.

Gun Drilling...How has it developed?

As with any new process, gun drilling underwent constant development as related technologies evolved. The most significant improvements in the early stages were development of the high pressure pump and the debut of sintered carbide. With the switch to carbide tips and high pressure coolant, the process was able to yield faster cycle times and better finishes. Improvements continued as experimentation showed that by varying tip geometries, certain materials and conditions could be better accommodated.

At Mollart-Cox we feel gun drilling is the most accurate and cost effective method for drilling small diameter holes.

At our manufacturing facility we currently have 8 gun drilling spindles and have our very own purpose built 6 metre gun drill. This machine is revolutionary to the U.K. gun drilling market.

As with the deep hole drilling method of boring we are able to accommodate various shapes and sizes on our gun drilling machines. This gives us the opportunity to offer our customers gun drilled holes concentric to the diameter or offset from the diameter through practically any shaped component.

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