Deep Hole Drilling & Boring

Mollart Cox was incorporated initially as a precision deep hole drilling, boring & gun drilling company.

Having progressed our capacity to offer the full machined solution, deep hole drilling and boring is still a huge part of the business.

Not only is it the most accurate method for precision hole drilling of single holes in components it is also the method which offers the tightest tolerances on multiple bore operations leading to multi bore components achieving T.I.R within .002”.

Deep hole drilling machines – 8

Bore sizes available from 25mm – 300mm dia

Parts from 50mm – 10,000mm in length & up to 700mm dia

2880 hours available per month

The maximum length of 10 metres covers all down hole tooling collars used in Oil & Gas exploration.

For smaller bore sizes visit our Gun Drilling page – Click here

Specialist Drilling and Boring

Specialising in multiple bore components, we use various methods of drilling and specialised tooling all of which is designed and manufactured in house.

Deep Hole Drilling and Boring

Through Bore – Deep Hole Drilling of a steel billet

Deep Hole Drilling – Counter Boring of a steel billet

Mollart Cox also has one table type machine which specialises in boring prismatic components which cannot be rotated. This machine is also capable of drilling holes from 25mm diameter up to 300mm diameter x 2,500mm deep. It is capable of off setting parts up to 400mm from the centre line.

Mollart Cox is at the forefront when it comes to deep hole drilling tooling.  We work closely with our tooling manufacturers and research, develop and trial numerous amounts of next generation tooling.

We can accommodate any shaped bores, from TAPERS and ANGLES to GROOVES and BOTTLE BORES.

Mollart Cox aim to please every customer, from initial enquiry stage through to design and production resulting in a precision machined component.


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