New Mazak e670h running at full steam

100 Hours per Week adds to expanding Multitasking Capacity

Our recently Installed Mazak e670h – 4000 Is now running at full steam. We have doubled the capacity of the machine which is now running 100 hours per week. Fully utilising the machine has allowed Mollart Cox to produce complex parts with minimal set ups thanks to the ‘Done in One’ capabilities of the machine.
The e670 Mazak holds 80 tools in its ATC. Also 3 long boring bars in its own LBB (long boring bar) Stocker, capable of boring out up to 1,000mm deep. With a maximum swing of 1070mm dia and 4,047mm between centres it has a large envelope for machining complex parts. Coupled with the standard 2 axis capacity are a 670mm ‘Y’ Axis. A 210° ‘B’ Axis indexing at .0001° and a full .0001° indexing ‘C’ Axis. In all its a machine that can carry out any machining operation with limited set ups.

Mazak e670H Multitasking
5 Axis Machining
5 Axis Machining